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Shiga souvenirs | Fermented vegan raw chocolate "Urumi" ~Urumi~ [Vegan (no dairy products or eggs)/Gluten-free (no flour)/Nut-free]


Customer Reviews -お客様の声-

In response to your request, we are now available to order♡

As each item is handmade, there may be slight differences between each item.


Focusing on sake lees, a fermented food, this is a dairy-free raw chocolate specializing in beauty and health.

An exquisite dish made with sake lees prepared by a female brewer! Fermented raw chocolate that melts easily.

Without mentioning things like veganism, sake lees, and healthiness, we have created a work that is purely delicious as food !

These delicious and healthy sweets can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, such as during tea time, as an after-meal dessert, or as fermented foods for beauty and health benefits.

Also good with alcohol ◎

You'll feel satisfied with just a small amount, so it's also recommended when you're on a diet!

We have received a lot of support from people who are reluctant to drink alcohol!
Rich! It melts! Raw chocolate with a focus on fermentation

This rich chocolate confectionery is made with luxurious cacao and is free of dairy products, nuts, wheat, and white sugar .

The white chocolate part uses carefully selected sake lees from Kita Shuzo, a sake brewery in Shiga, and the crisp texture of rich cocoa butter is a nice accent.

The dark chocolate part has a strong cocoa aroma, but has a milky texture that melts in your mouth.

The two-layered chocolate is an exquisite harmony of the gentle yet deep flavor of Japanese sake and the rich deliciousness of chocolate.

Almost everyone who tried it, young and old, was surprised at how delicious it was! I received a lot of praise.

Even people who don't like alcohol have received good reviews for the perfect taste .

The sophisticated art of koji and the wonders of brewing gentle sake.

Kita Sake Brewery, located in Higashiomi City, a town where clear water flows from the mountains of Suzuka, is essential to the creation of this product.

The sake born from the heart of Mayuko Kita, who is one of the rare female brewers in Japan, is an art created by the gentle brewing technique and the deep flavor of koji.

The rich flavor of the koji, produced by careful management day and night and the five senses of the brewers, spreads in your mouth and gently envelops your soul.

Even after more than 200 years, we have continued to brew sake that is loved by everyone with our unchanging spirit of sake brewing.

A mellow package inspired by Lake Biwa

The familiar Hareto-Keto grounder is designed on a dull light blue and pale gray gift box inspired by the calm waters of Lake Biwa.

Hareto-Ketom's sun mark, reminiscent of a sunset setting on the surface of a lake, is a look unique to Hikone, which is located in Koto (east side of Lake Biwa).

Please buy it as a souvenir when you come to Shiga, Hikone, or nearby areas!

We also accept cool delivery at our store.

Souvenirs can be shipped nationwide from Hikone's Detox Cafe or Raw Chocolate Factory.

A special item where tradition and innovation intersect.

I think people of all ages will enjoy this as a delicious souvenir from Shiga♪

If you would like to use it as a gift, please use the [carry bag (charged)] .

What is raw cake?
Raw cake is a no-bake vegan (vegetarian) cake that is chilled and hardened using raw nuts and fruits, natural sweeteners, and coconut oil.
It is an anti-aging snack that contains plenty of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals.
-Unlike regular cakes, raw cakes were born from the idea of ​​health.
Raw sweets such as raw cakes are sweets that can be used as nutritional supplements, which can be used to supplement missing nutrients with snacks.

For detailed basic knowledge of raw cakes, please see [this blog] .

The Arriba cacao used in Haretoketo is a rare and endemic variety that grows only in Ecuador and has a distribution volume of less than 2%.

We use high-quality cacao delivered directly in temperature-controlled containers from Camino Verde Farm, which is highly acclaimed around the world.

Haretoketo's raw sweets are

✔100% natural

✔Dairy and egg free (vegan or vegetarian)

✔ Wheat free (gluten free)

✔No refined sugar

✔No guilt (guilt free)

Utilizing my experience working as a nurse, I create sweets packed with healthy ingredients found in plants from the perspective of nutrition and preventive medicine.

raw materials

Organic raw cacao butter (cacao (from Ecuador)), organic maple syrup, organic raw cacao mass, sake lees, organic coconut cream, organic agave syrup, organic coconut sugar, organic raw cacao powder, rice flour, salt

please note

Contains 1.1% alcohol , so please refrain from using it with children, those who cannot tolerate alcohol, those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or while driving.

This product manufacturing factory uses peanuts, walnuts, sesame seeds, bananas, We manufacture products containing cashews, soybeans, apples, and almonds.

Internal capacity

16 slices

Nutritional information (per 100g)

Calories 422kcal, protein 7.7g, fat 29.7g, carbohydrates 45.7g, salt equivalent 0.1g

expiration date 4 months frozen from manufacture, 2 days after thawing
Preservation method

Store below -18°C.

How to enjoy

Thaw at room temperature or in the refrigerator and enjoy a little at a time.

Shiga souvenirs | Fermented vegan raw chocolate "Urumi" ~Urumi~ [Vegan (no dairy products or eggs)/Gluten-free (no flour)/Nut-free]