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QA for online shop use

I haven't received any communication after ordering the product. Has my order been successfully placed?

Immediately after placing your order, a confirmation email will be automatically sent to you.
Please use a PC email address such as G-mail , as email addresses from mobile carriers are particularly secure and are likely to block emails from us.
If you do not receive the email in your spam folder, please set the email address from to be removed from the domain and contact us using the contact form.
We will resend your confirmation email.
Please be careful when entering your e-mail address as there is a possibility that you entered it incorrectly.
We will contact you with information and confirmation items regarding the product, as well as contact you with the tracking number after the product is shipped, so if you do not receive a confirmation email immediately after placing your order, please be sure to set your email address so that you can receive it. please fix this.

Please put your name on the cake or chocolate!

If you also purchase this chocolate plate, we will engrave your desired name on it.
Only short names of about 6 characters are accepted (Kanji characters are not supported.)
Thank you for your understanding.

Decorate the cake with a birthday chocolate plate and send it.

Since thin chocolate may be damaged during shipping, we will send the decorative chocolate separately along with the cake.
After receiving the product, the recipient will be responsible for decorating the cake themselves.
note that.

I chose deferred payment as my payment method, but when will I receive the invoice?

After receiving the product, you will receive an invoice via postcard within a few days.
*Not included in the product.
You will receive invoice information via e-mail and postcard from the settlement agency,

Can I eat the cake as soon as it arrives?

Since it is delivered frozen, please thaw it in the refrigerator before eating.
Depending on the size, thawing will take about 4-6 hours.
If the food is kept at room temperature or in a refrigerator that is not sufficiently cooled, only the surface will thaw rapidly, causing cracks and moisture separation.
It can be eaten like an iced cake, but by eating it thawed, you can enjoy the smooth, melt-in-the-mouth texture and taste of a raw cake.

The product was damaged!

If any obvious damage or deformation is found, please keep the entire product, including the outer box, and immediately contact the carrier or our store by phone or email.
We will not be able to assist you after your meal has been served.
Please be sure to check the condition of the product when it arrives.
Please note that we will pack the product as carefully as possible and ship it with care, but raw cakes in particular are very delicate products. Some discrepancies may occur.

If you want to receive your item in perfect condition, please use in-store pickup .

I have an allergy, is it possible for you to change the ingredients?

We apologize, but we are unable to respond to individual requests at this time.
Raw chocolate can be replaced with other existing products.
For raw cakes, it is possible to remove any decorations, but please note that this will make the cake simpler.

I would like to order a cake, but how long does it take?

For existing cakes sold at online shops, it will take about 4 days to 1 week from the time you place your order to the time you receive it. (Excluding shop holidays (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).Delivery times vary depending on the area.)

Please be sure to place your order with plenty of time to spare.
Please note that we are currently no longer accepting orders for full-order raw cakes (custom-made raw cakes). There are no plans to reopen.

I would like to specify a delivery date and time. Please let me know how.

It's in your shopping cart . You can select your desired delivery date and time.
There is no field for specifying delivery date and time after the checkout form screen where you enter your address, etc., so please be sure to specify it on the shopping cart screen.
We do not accept requests via DM on SNS, as this may lead to omissions in confirmation or communication errors.

I want the product right away, but I can't select the desired date using the date and time options.

You can select the date from 4 business days after placing your order .
Because each item is handmade and double-checked to prevent delivery errors, please allow a certain amount of time before shipping.
Please place your order as soon as possible.

Can you send frozen and refrigerated products together?

Basically, if you order refrigerated or room-temperature products and frozen products at the same time, they will be sent together by frozen delivery.
However, the optimum temperature for storing raw chocolate is 15-20 degrees.
If you wish to have your raw chocolate delivered in its best condition, we will charge an additional shipping fee and send it by refrigerated delivery (in winter, at room temperature depending on the region).
Please indicate so in the notes section.

Chocolate is sensitive to sudden changes in temperature and humidity.
If the chocolate arrives frozen, first put it in a cold refrigerator, then gradually raise the temperature of the refrigerator until it returns to the temperature you normally use.
A wine cellar is the best place to store it.

Chocolate that has been refrigerated will taste even better if you slowly return it to room temperature (below 20 degrees Celsius) before eating.