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[Great deal] 84% raw chocolate for confectionery 180g [Dairy-free, nut-free, vegan chocolate]


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Free shipping for purchases over 9,000 yen including tax!

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Enjoy the taste of high-quality restaurants at home.

84% cacao raw chocolate block. (untempered)

The chocolate is conched, which is a process of carefully kneading it in a stone mill over several hours, resulting in a smooth chocolate with an elegant taste .
The flavor changes considerably with and without conching, so I think it will be useful for making homemade sweets with a more sophisticated taste.
We use 100% Aribacao, a rare variety endemic to Ecuador, which is said to account for less than 2% of the world's distribution .

There are various ways to use it!

Tempering and making authentic raw chocolate.
You can easily enjoy raw chocolate by melting it and making chocolate fondue.
Enjoy the raw chocolate life with your original chocolate by adding your favorite sweeteners, dried fruits, nuts, and hooper foods!

You can enjoy delicious, health-conscious chocolate at a great price.

You can make raw chocolate worth about 25 Hareto Keto bonbon chocolates, worth 10,000 yen (tax included) .

It can also be used as an ingredient for sweets such as raw sweets.
You can enjoy raw chocolate at a cheaper price if you make it yourself!

Raw chocolate is made from raw organic cacao, and is said to have better nutritional value than chocolate made from regular roasted cacao.
As a high cacao chocolate, I think you can get plenty of cacao's healthy ingredients, mainly polyphenols.
Made with 100% rare Arriva cacao.

Haret Keto's raw chocolate is ✔100% natural ✔Dairy and egg free (vegan or gluten free)
✔ Wheat free (gluten free)
✔No white sugar ✔No guilt (guilt-free)

[Click here for information about Haretoketo's raw cacao]
[Click here for basic knowledge about raw chocolate]

Utilizing my experience working as a nurse, I create sweets packed with healthy ingredients found in plants from the perspective of nutrition and preventive medicine.

raw materials

Organic raw cacao mass (from Ecuador), organic Raw cocoa butter, organic coconut sugar, salt

This product manufacturing factory produces products containing peanuts, walnuts, sesame seeds, bananas, cashew nuts, soybeans, apples, and almonds.

Internal capacity 180g
Nutritional information (per 100g)

Calories 680kcal, protein 8.0g, fat 58.0g, carbohydrates 30.0g, salt equivalent 0.0g

expiration date 8 months or more
How to enjoy

Melt it in a hot water bath, add sweetness and flavor to your liking, cool it, and enjoy.

It can also be used as an ingredient in drinks and cakes.

You can also eat it as is. (It has a chewy texture because it is not tempered.)

Please use as soon as possible after opening.

Shipping method Delivered by Kuroneko Yamato refrigerated service *At room temperature in winter

Please check this page for wholesale information.

Commercial sizes are also available.

[Great deal] 84% raw chocolate for confectionery 180g [Dairy-free, nut-free, vegan chocolate]