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Cacao mass (chocolate liquor)【Cacao 100%】


Free shipping for purchases over 9,000 yen including tax!

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Organic raw cacao beans are ground into a paste and made into small tablets.

It is a fair trade, consistent, and safe product that is grown on a farm that does not use child labor or unfair labor, and processed at the same Camino Verde farm factory.

It is not treated with alkali.

The Arriba cacao used in Haretoketo is a rare variety that grows only in Ecuador, and is said to account for less than 2% of the world's distribution.

High-quality cacao delivered directly in temperature-controlled containers from Camino Verde Farm, which is highly acclaimed around the world.

Obtained both USDA organic certification and organic JAS certification.

Cacao beans are attracting attention as a health food because they are rich in polyphenols.

Raw cacao beans contain a variety of vitamins that are only found in unheated cacao, as well as useful components such as tryptophan and phenylethylamine, which are involved in a sense of well-being and help relieve stress.

Just a bunch of healthy ingredients! !

Ariba cacao is characterized by its nutty richness and unique fruity aroma.

Raw cacao allows you to enjoy the natural and wild taste of cacao.

What is raw chocolate?

Haretoketo's raw chocolate uses raw organic cacao, and is said to have superior nutritional value than chocolate made from regular roasted cacao.
As a high cacao chocolate, I think you can get plenty of cacao's healthy ingredients, mainly polyphenols.
Made with 100% rare Arriva cacao.

Haretoketo's raw chocolate

✔100% natural
✔ Dairy and egg free (vegan/vegetarian)
✔ Wheat free (gluten free)
✔No refined sugar
✔No guilt (guilt free)

[Click here for information about Haretoketo's raw cacao]
[Click here for basic knowledge about raw chocolate]

Utilizing my experience working as a nurse, I create sweets packed with healthy ingredients found in plants from the perspective of nutrition and preventive medicine.

raw materials organic raw cacao mass
country of origin ecuador
Internal capacity 60g
expiration date 6 months or more
Importer Partners Japan Co., Ltd. YAMATE 2-17-16-402 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
How to enjoy You can eat it as is, or melt it in a hot water bath and use it to make sweets such as chocolate. You can also make a chocolate drink by mixing hot water and sweetener.
Shipping method

Delivered by Kuroneko Yamato refrigerated delivery.

*During winter, items will be delivered at room temperature via Letter Pack Plus. You cannot select a specific date and time.

Even in winter, orders of 4 or more items or items bundled with other products will be delivered by courier.

Please check this page for wholesale information.

Cacao mass (chocolate liquor)【Cacao 100%】