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[Supporting Japanese honey bee conservation activities] Raw honey milk chocolate "Hyakka" [Dairy products free]


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``Hyakka'' is a chocolate bar with a gorgeous, refreshing, and gentle sweet scent of nectar.

Dairy-free 60% cacao milk raw chocolate with a milky taste by adding cashew nuts.

We use plenty of raw honey that was shared with us by Hachi no Yado Toriimoto, a company that conducts conservation activities to increase the number of Japanese honey bees in Toriimoto, Hikone.

This is a precious honey that is available in limited quantities, collected only in an amount that does not burden the bees.

*Proceeds from honey sales are used for conservation activities.

*We only use 2.5g of agave syrup per chocolate bar as a sweetener other than honey. It is sweetened almost exclusively with honey.

Full of nutrition with raw cacao and honey! Full of polyphenols!

Gift chocolate wrapped in a washi paper bag is perfect as a small present for someone you care for on a daily basis or someone above you.

When using as a gift, please use the [carry bag (small)] .

Honey contains many vitamins, minerals, amino acids (proteins), enzymes, polyphenols, and other antioxidants, and has antibacterial properties and is extremely nutritious, so it has been used as a medicine since ancient times around the world. has been used as. ]
Most honey on the market is heat-treated, but [this raw chocolate uses unheated raw honey, so you can expect the health benefits of both cacao and honey without loss of nutritional value] can. ]
We use 100% raw honey collected by Japanese bee enthusiasts at Toriimoto in Hikone in a way that puts as little stress on the bees as possible.
Unlike Western honey bees, Japanese honey bees have low productivity and move freely between hives, so they are rarely used commercially.
Also, because they collect nectar from as many flowers as they like, they cannot collect honey from a single flower, such as honey from astragalus.
For this reason, Japanese bee nectar is called ``hyakka nectar,'' meaning nectar collected from many types of flowers.

[Please see this blog for stories about Haretoketo's raw honey and Japanese bees. ]

Also, is it good to know about Hikone? Trivia is written in Japanese and English on the package.
The slightly comical illustration of a samurai that looks like Chojugiga is also adorable, making this [Made in Japan] raw chocolate perfect as a souvenir for overseas.
All the packaging is Hareto Keto's [original design].

Chocolate that goes well with both special days and daily life.Chocolate that turns a special day into a special day.That's Hareto Keto's raw chocolate.

Raw chocolate is made from raw organic cacao, and is said to have better nutritional value than chocolate made from regular roasted cacao.
I think [you can get plenty of the healthy components of cacao, mainly polyphenols].

The Arriba cacao used in Haretoketo is a rare and endemic variety that grows only in Ecuador and has a distribution volume of less than 2%.

We use high-quality raw cacao delivered directly in temperature-controlled containers from Camino Verde Farm, which is highly acclaimed around the world.

This cacao is both USDA organic certified and organic JAS certified.

Haret Keto's raw chocolate is ✔100% natural ✔Dairy and egg free (vegan or vegetarian)
✔ Wheat free (gluten free)
✔No white sugar ✔No guilt (guilt-free)

[Click here for information about Haretoketo's raw cacao]
[Click here for basic knowledge about raw chocolate]

Utilizing my experience working as a nurse, I create sweets packed with healthy ingredients found in plants from the perspective of nutrition and preventive medicine.

raw materials Organic raw cacao mass (from Ecuador), Raw Honey, Organic Raw Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Raw Cashew nut butter, organic agave syrup, salt (contains some cashew nuts)

cashew nuts

*Contains unheated honey. Please avoid ingestion by children under 1 year old.

This product manufacturing factory produces products containing peanuts, walnuts, sesame seeds, bananas, cashew nuts, soybeans, apples, and almonds.

Internal capacity 50g
Nutritional information (per piece)

Calories 312kcal, protein 3.9g, fat 25.9g, carbohydrates 16.4g, salt equivalent 0.0g

expiration date Store tightly closed at 22 degrees or less for 6 months from manufacture.
How to enjoy

If you are cold, please let it come to room temperature before enjoying.

It's easier to enjoy if you let it melt on your tongue.

Shipping method Delivered by Kuroneko Yamato refrigerated service *At room temperature in winter

Please check this page for wholesale information.

Full of nutrition with cocoa and honey! Plenty of polyphenols! Honey contains many antioxidants such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids (proteins), enzymes, and polyphenols. It has been used as medicine around the world since ancient times. Most honey on the market is heated, but we use unheated raw honey, so the health benefits of cacao and honey are expected without loss of nutritional value. We use 100% raw honey from the honey bee enthusiast in Torimoto, Hikone which has been mined to minimize the burden on bees. Japanese honeybees have low productivity and move freely in their nests, so they are rarely used commercially. In addition, Japanese honeybees don't collect honey from single type of flowers, they collect it from their desired flower each. For this reason , honey from Japanese bees is called "Hyakka-mitsu". It means one hundred flower's nectar. Daily-free 60% milk raw chocolate with cashew nuts. 100% natural. Single-origin Arriba cacao from Ecuador. Hand crafted. Hikone's local history or cultural facts on the package!
Haretoketo's raw chocolate uses raw organic cacao, and it is said that it is higher in nutritional value than chocolate made from normal roasted cacao. In addition, since it is about 70% cacao products, I think that it is possible to take plenty of the healthy ingredients of cacao, mainly polyphenols, as high cacao chocolate. It uses 100% Arriba national cocoa.
Haretoket's raw chocolate

✔Dairy free and egg free(vegan or vegetarian)

✔Gluten free

✔Soy free

✔White sugar free

✔Guilt free
Ingredients organic raw cacao mass, organic raw cacao butter, local raw honey, organic raw cashew nut butter, organic raw agave syrup, natural sea salt.
Weight 50g
Best by 4months.
Shipping by refrigerated delivery service without Winter
Need it gift-wrapped? Click Here!

[Supporting Japanese honey bee conservation activities] Raw honey milk chocolate "Hyakka" [Dairy products free]


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