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[Tropical CBD Chocolate] "Cacao Elixir" Cacao Ceremony Kit (12 tablets) [Can be used as a raw chocolate drink or as is] [Dairy-free vegan chocolate]


Free shipping for purchases over 9,000 yen including tax!

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Elixir is a panacea or spiritual medicine in alchemy.

We gathered and forged high-energy materials, mainly organic raw cacao.

Contains 192mg of CBD (16mg per tablet)!

You can easily enjoy a cacao ceremony by melting this cacao kit and mixing it with nut milk.

A cacao ceremony is, as the name suggests, a cacao ceremony.

Cacao is a highly spiritual plant that is said to open the heart chakra and bring bliss and healing.

It is also said to be food of the gods , and has been used as a ritual offering since ancient times, and even today, cacao drinks are consumed in cacao ceremonies, rituals to liberate oneself and connect with higher dimensions.

Please feel free to incorporate Elixir into your daily life , not only when holding a full-fledged ceremony, but also when spending time alone at home, meditating, or gathering with friends and family.

The warm and powerful love vibrations of cacao will surely bring you healing and awareness, leading you to a comfortable mind.

You can eat it as is, but it is full of energy, so we recommend consuming it in small amounts.

Cacao is also said to be a natural aphrodisiac and love potion, so it is recommended for couples and couples to enjoy it together.

Enjoy the gorgeous and captivating packaging that imitates femininity and masculinity and the passionate energy of chocolate.

Please accompany us for a beautiful moment wrapped in the veil of night and melting into one.

Raw chocolate is made from raw organic cacao, and is said to have superior nutritional value than chocolate made from regular roasted cacao.
As a high cacao chocolate, I think you can get plenty of cacao's healthy ingredients, mainly polyphenols.

The Arriba cacao used in Haretoketo is a rare and endemic variety that grows only in Ecuador and has a distribution volume of less than 2%.

We use high-quality cacao delivered directly in temperature-controlled containers from Camino Verde Farm, which is highly acclaimed around the world.

This cacao is both USDA organic certified and organic JAS certified.

Hareto Keto's raw chocolate is ✔100% natural ✔Dairy and egg free (vegan or vegetarian)
✔ Wheat free (gluten free)
✔No white sugar ✔No guilt (guilt-free)

[Click here for information about Haretoketo's raw cacao]
[Click here for basic knowledge about raw chocolate]

Utilizing my experience working as a nurse, I create sweets packed with healthy ingredients found in plants from the perspective of nutrition and preventive medicine.

raw materials

Organic raw cacao mass (from Ecuador), organic coconut sugar, organic raw cacao butter, organic maca powder, chaga powder, ashwagandha root powder, organic cinnamon, shellfish powder, vanilla powder, salt, CBD 192mg combination)

This product manufacturing factory uses peanuts, walnuts, We manufacture products containing sesame, soybeans, bananas, cashews, apples, and almonds.

Internal capacity

12 pieces

Nutritional information (per piece)

Calories 47kcal, protein 0.6g, fat 3.4g, carbohydrates 3.4g, salt equivalent 0.0g

expiration date Store tightly closed in a cool, dark place for 6 months from date of manufacture.
How to enjoy

Mix this product thoroughly with your favorite milk and sweetener in a blender and enjoy.

If you don't have a blender, roughly scrape this product into warm milk and mix it in until it's thoroughly dissolved.

You can use it to make smoothies and snacks, or just eat it in solid form.

We recommend adding 60ml of cashew nut milk and a scoop of raw honey or dates to each one, then blending in a blender. (1 double shot glass)

Add spices, fragrances, flower essence, etc. to your liking and enjoy.

Shipping method Delivered by Kuroneko Yamato refrigerated service *During winter, room temperature except in some areas

Please check this page for wholesale information.

[Tropical CBD Chocolate] "Cacao Elixir" Cacao Ceremony Kit (12 tablets) [Can be used as a raw chocolate drink or as is] [Dairy-free vegan chocolate]