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Hawaiian flower essence "Alohilani Essence"


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Flower essence “Alohilani Essence” made with Hawaiian flowers by a therapist living in Hawaii
It is a key item for self-care and self-love that has been attracting attention in recent years.

<About flower essence>
Flower essence is a product that is said to relieve stress and negative emotions by drinking the essence made from flowers.
It is not like a medicine that works if you take it, but is said to awaken and activate the inner energy that people originally have.
Flower essences will gently help you if you want to discover your true self and awaken your original power.

It is made from water with the energy of flowers and a little alcohol, and unlike aroma essences, it is tasteless and odorless.
It can be used on men and women of all ages, and even on animals.

<Artist Profile>

Flower essence with Hawaiian flowers

Coincidentally, I live in Oahu, Hawaii.
He discovered flower essences in Hawaii and began making original essences using various local plants.
Currently, she sells at local purveyors such as Kalapawai Market and organic supermarket Down to Earth, and in addition to holding flower essence workshops at her home salon, she also works as a yoga instructor and hosts beachside sunrise yoga classes.
I am enjoying Hawaiian life, valuing self-care and self-love.

raw materials organic alcohol
Internal capacity 1 bottle of flower essence (approx. 28ml)
Preservation method Avoid direct sunlight and use as soon as possible after opening. It will last for over a year.
How to use Take 1-4 drops directly into your mouth or mix into a drink as needed. Since it is not a medicine, there is no appropriate usage amount or upper limit. You can also make a spray and spray it on your body or room.
Shipping method

Nekoyamato Takkyubin Compact (room temperature)

Due to the possibility of container (bottle) damage, packaging with frozen products is not possible.

If you order frozen items, they will be delivered in two pieces, so additional shipping charges will be required.

<What each flower means>

The Secret of Tea <br>In Hawaii, tea has been used ceremonially to cleanse negative past energies.
It will help you clear your thoughts and help you make the best decisions.
It is said to be great for making quick decisions and can also help purify a space.
It is also good for grounding yourself to the “here and now”.
For those who are suffering from trauma and those who want to let go of their attachments and move on to the next stage.

What Plumeria hides <br>It helps you believe in your heart and inner self.
It is a flower with high vibrations of love and joy.
It will lead you to happiness.
It is also said to be good for people who have trouble with relationships.
It helps maintain balance, so it is said to be effective when trying new things.
In the ancient Indian healing science of Ayurveda, plumeria essence was said to have a warming effect.
It was also thought to be effective as a treatment for fear, anxiety, and insomnia.

What Hibiscus Hidden <br>It will balance your emotions and calm you down.
Hibiscus is a highly feminine flower.
It helps you feel brighter and experience more joy and laughter.
Hibiscus creates a sense of warmth that flows through the body and mind, and is said to have a particularly soothing effect on sexuality.
It will bring out your feminine femininity.
For those who don't know their own charm or lack confidence.

The hidden secrets of Puakenikeni It is said to balance the throat chakra, and is recommended for people who have difficulty communicating.
It also balances inward and outward facing.
This is an essence that will help those who have to listen to others, such as counselors, spiritual practitioners, journalists, politicians, etc., to value both themselves and others.
It is also said to be good for people who want to do something but can't take action.

The Secret of Hawaiian Ginger <br>This essence is especially recommended for helping you restore and balance your self-worth and self-love.
The fragrant white ginger is said to enhance contemplation and spiritual activity, helping one reach a state of inner calm.
It helps you love yourself and appreciate your self-worth.
It will help ground those who are full of stress and worries.

Hawaiian flower essence "Alohilani Essence"