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Monthly Subscription Guide

User guide

Subscriptions on Shopify

・If you purchase a regular service from our online shop, your credit card will be charged automatically every month through Shopify.
If you do not have a credit card, please contact us via email before applying.

・Regular deliveries of raw chocolate will deliver products on the day of the full moon or on a date before or after the full moon.

When you place an order, an account will be automatically created and you will receive a notification via email.
You can terminate your use at any time.

Please continue for at least 4 months.

Fee It depends on the product.
how to order 1. Add [Raw Chocolate Regular Delivery] from the online shop to your cart and proceed to the purchase procedure.
2. On the checkout page, enter the required information such as delivery address, and select credit card as the payment method.
others If you would like to bundle the item with a product other than regular delivery, please select in-store pickup when ordering the product and write so in the notes section.
It is possible to send it free of charge along with the regular delivery timing (around the full moon).

*During the winter, the package will be delivered at room temperature, so if you wish to include frozen products in the same package, you will be charged an additional cool delivery fee (220 yen, tax included).
*Shipping costs may increase by several hundred yen depending on the size of the items you wish to bundle. In that case, the difference will be charged separately.

We will send you recommended products and freshly made products selected by Haretoketo every month, so you cannot specify the contents.

If you have food allergies, please let us know in advance.

Even if you order multiple regular deliveries, the contents of each regular delivery will basically be the same product each month.

In addition, if you order multiple regular deliveries, we will send them all together to be environmentally friendly, but if you are using them as a gift for a friend or family member, please send them separately as shown in the product image. Each set will be packed in a small craft box and shipped in a cardboard box.