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Cacao pulp puree “PALO SANT” Sugar-free cacao pulp, no additives


Free shipping for purchases over 9,000 yen including tax!

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The cacao fruit is filled with cacao beans and cacao pulp, which are the ingredients for chocolate.

The pulp from high-quality cacao from Ecuador is made into a puree.

It has a good balance of refreshing sweetness and sourness, and is an energy food that locals like to eat.

It is rich in minerals and vitamin B1, and vitamin B1 is an important nutrient for recovering from fatigue.

Compared to cacao pulp that I have eaten before in Indonesia and Hawaii, this pulp has a firm sweetness and a soft acidity without any unpleasant taste.

Cacao has a variety of tastes and properties depending on the variety, production area, and growing method.

Cocoa pulp is also a food product whose taste greatly depends on its quality.

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raw materials

country of origin ecuador
Internal capacity 1 pack 90ml
expiration date May 2025
Preservation method Please store away from hot and humid places and direct sunlight.
How to enjoy It's delicious on its own, but you can also add it to almond milk or soy milk, or use it as an ingredient in sorbet or ice cream.
Shipping method

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Cacao pulp puree “PALO SANT” Sugar-free cacao pulp, no additives