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Reservations start on October 13th! halloween cake

We will be selling mini-sized raw cakes made with butternut pumpkin and coconut cream for a rich and rich taste this year! !

A creamy and melty mousse cake with a very different composition from regular ones.

The decorations with Halloween motifs are very adorable ♡

And! It comes in a small glossy white box, so you can also use it as a gift.

Reservations start on October 13th (Hareto-Keto 5th anniversary)!

It will go on sale on October 23rd (formerly known as Chongyang Festival) and will be shipped sequentially.

This is a limited-time product, and you can specify delivery until November 5th .

This is a limited time item, so don't miss out on this opportunity!

In-store pickup is also available at Hareto-Keto, a vegan cafe in Ashigaru Yashiki located in the castle town of Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture.