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Depending on the partner and situation! 3 recommended raw sweets for White Day gifts! !

Hareto-Keto's raw chocolate and raw sweets are healthy sweets that are made using 100% rare varieties of organic cacao and are kneaded with plenty of highly nutritious superfoods.

It is also useful for beauty and diet , making it the perfect gift for women .

Contains no white sugar, dairy products, or wheat.

The colorful appearance made with organic plants will nourish your mind as well as your body.

However, there are so many products that I don't understand! I thought there might be some people who would like this, so I've selected some recommended raw sweets for each person.

Please use it as a reference!

3 roast sweets recommended for White Day

・For those who like high quality items

①Assortment of 3 types of raw chocolate bars

A set of three types of chocolate bars, a gift that allows you to fully enjoy cacao.

Special raw chocolate gift complete box (12 pieces)

This is a special gift product where you can enjoy a total of 12 varieties of raw chocolate.

③Raw chocolate gift tin (9 pieces)

A fulfilling gift with 9 types of raw chocolate packed in a gorgeous yet elegantly designed tin.

・For people who love cute things

Moon and sun colorful raw chocolate cans (5 pieces)

A gift tin filled with natural-colored handmade chocolates made by coloring the surface of dark raw chocolate with powder from plants such as superfoods, spices, and fruits.

②Raw cake assortment using pistachio "Spring is here!"

A limited time raw cake assortment in anticipation of spring. The heart shape is adorable.

Bright lollipop chocolate bouquet

A set of three large cacao-rich raw chocolate bars wrapped in a bouquet style.

・Sweets to accompany a present or as a return gift for giri chocolate

①Raw chocolate gift box (2 pieces)

A small gift with an assortment of two chocolate bonbons, a combination of two classic and popular types .

②Choice of toppings! 1 raw cake made with pistachio "Spring is here!"

You can purchase palm-sized, spring-colored raw cakes individually.

Comes in a glossy white gift box.

The recommended chocolate decoration to choose from is the peacock pattern!

③Raw chocolate gift tin (6 pieces)

A gift tin containing 6 chocolate bonbons packed with popular and classic flavors.

The can design is also very popular!

What did you think?

Since this is a chocolate that specializes in health and beauty, I think women and those who are health conscious will be very happy with the content.

If you are interested in a product, please click on the product name to check the details.

We also sell a variety of raw chocolate and raw cakes at our online shop.

We ship nationwide, so be sure to check out our shop !