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【free shipping! ] Regular delivery of raw chocolate


Regular delivery of affordable raw chocolate.
Delivered monthly with free shipping.

How to use regular flights

Raw chocolate is like a supplement that helps balance the mind and body.
From a health perspective, it is a food that should be consumed little by little every day if possible.
Therefore, we will start selling regular shipments of great-value raw chocolate!

Delivered every month before and after the full moon.

On full moon days, your body's absorption capacity is at its maximum, making it easier to absorb both good and bad things.
It's a great time to take in the energy and nutrients of cacao into your body!
Fill your mind and body with cacao, prepare your body, and avoid taking in unnecessary things.

<Regular delivery lineup>

1 classic 82% dark raw chocolate bar (62-65G)

Monthly various raw chocolate bars 1 piece (25-28G)

2 pieces of monthly bonbon chocolate (7-10G x 2)

Moon and sun colorful raw chocolate 1 piece (approx. 10G)

※The photograph is an image. Contents vary from month to month.
Each month comes with a free paper containing health information related to cacao.

The regular price is approximately 4,500 yen (including tax and shipping), so it's a great deal !

Payment will be made automatically every month and the products will be delivered to you.

It is also possible to cancel the contract midway.

*We ask that you continue for 4 months or more .

If you wish to cancel your subscription or take a month off (skip), please contact us by email .

Also, by bundling other products with regular mail, you can receive them for free!
If you wish to have the items bundled together, please select "Pick up in store" when ordering.
*For bundles with frozen items during the winter, an additional charge of 220 yen will be charged for the difference in cool delivery charges.

raw materials Organic raw cacao mass (from Ecuador), organic raw cacao butter, organic coconut sugar, organic raw agave syrup, cashew nuts, pesticide-free rice flour, sun-dried salt, etc., depending on the product combination. (Depending on the color combination, we use dragon fruit powder, organic beet powder, organic turmeric, chlorella, spirulina blue pigment, etc.)

Cashew nuts, etc., depending on the product.

If you have food allergies, please let us know in advance.

Internal capacity Approximately 5 pieces (approximately 120-130g)
expiration date Store for 4 months at a temperature below 22 degrees, protected from light and tightly sealed.
How to enjoy If you are cold, please let it come to room temperature before enjoying. It's easier to enjoy if you let it melt on your tongue.
Shipping method Delivered by Kuroneko Yamato refrigerated service *During winter, room temperature except in some areas

【free shipping! ] Regular delivery of raw chocolate